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Downer works all across the ACT, boosting the state’s regional economies and transforming its cities.

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Construction progress at O'Herns Road in Victoria.
Icon representing power.

Power systems jobs

Solar Farm Construction

Shine the light on a better way of powering our communities.

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Substations Construction and Maintenance

Build and maintain the substations that power Australia's homes.

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Transmission Line Construction

Build the transmission lines that keep Australia's lights on.

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Icon representing Rail.

Rail jobs

Rail, Track and Signals Engineering and Design

Keep Australia's rail network on the right side of the tracks.

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Rail Corridor Construction

Build the infrastructure that supports our rail network with Downer.

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Rail Safety, Systems and Signalling

Deliver quality projects for Downer in a culture of Zero Harm.

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Rail Network and Track Construction and Maintenance

Be part of the team keeping Australia on track for over 100 years'.

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Icon representing civil works.

Civil jobs

Other Infrastructure Development

Build the infrastructure that keeps Australia moving.

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Bridge Construction

Bridge the gaps between communities with Downer.

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Roads and Overpass Construction

Help Downer keep Australia moving on safe reliable roads.

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